Seasonal Programs

Our "Seasonal Programs" include the following:


  • Design and Implement Annual Flower Programs
  • Select Growers and Plant Materials
  • Assess Landscape contractor Capabilities
  • Write Installation Specifications
  • Prepare Bid Documents
  • Select Contractors for Value and Responsiveness
  • Negotiate Contractor Pricing


  • Coordinate Schedules with Property Management Teams
  • Oversee Planting Protocols
  • Determine Contractor Compliance with Specifications
  • Customize Installation Practices to Meet Site Conditions


  • Review Contractor Invoices for Accuracy
  • Conduct Seasonal Inspections to Detect Horticultural Diseases
  • Recommend Corrections of Horticultural Problems
  • Enforce Warranties
  • Inspect Irrigation Systems to Avoid Failures
  • Oversee Integrated Pest Control Programs
  • Coach Property Management Teams on Early Problem Detection
  • Continue Contractor Dialog to Assure Best Practices